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Support the Local Economy

Support Local Businesses! Coupons Here:

Support Local Businesses! Coupons Here:

Increasingly people are coming to the conclusion it is time to get back to sustainability. It is time to celebrate our local talent and time to appreciate the cornucopia of natural goodness grown locally.

Supporting our local economy makes sense and decreases the miles the products we consume travel between the source and the end consumer. Every decision we make to purchase local products, reduces carbon emissions.

Sustainable Products

Shopping locally can save you money and supports the local economy. We believe that is crucial no matter where you live. Learn to read labels and select goods and services that support the same belief you have in community and environmental issues. There are an increasing number of options open for sustainable fabrics and green products.

Shop in Season

Less than half a century ago lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables were not available ‘out of season’ and foods like mango, kiwi, avocados, and other tropical foods were simply not seen on the shelves of the local grocery stores. Somewhere during the 1970’s and 1980’s we started importing food and it became hip to serve exotic foods from around the world.

Choose Local rather than Imported

We thoughtlessly paid extra for pasta made in Italy, chocolate  was only good if it what Swiss and if you were serving guests you purchased Italian wine. Somehow it was a status symbol to purchase foods that came from distant countries. It the same time we transitioned to the two car family and purchased motor homes and moved into the biggest house we could possibly afford.

The cost is evident – greenhouse gases, global warming and threats to the fish stocks in our oceans and a myriad of other environmental damage resulting from excessive carbon emission. The tables have turned. We are now well aware we must think energy efficiency and sustainability lifestyles. Everyone is recognizing the benefit of buying local food.

Local is Better

Our local communities produce an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and meat. Where I live local meat – includes bison, emu, fish and seafood, nuts, and grains. However, the abundance of local products doesn’t end with food products. We have many local talented artists, sculptors, and fashion designers.

Every time we choose local products we are making a choice to support our local economy and individual micro-economies. We offer advertising to local businesses within our community and trust our site will be useful to individuals and companies to connect and find products that otherwise may be difficult to find.

The blog articles are intended to create dialogue and an opportunity for readers to interact and discuss topics. Our Resource Directory helps decrease the distance between the source and the end user.

We encourage your participation and appreciate your referrals and help to find all the deserving local companies that can benefit by connecting through our site. We will be looking for interesting stories and welcome individuals who are interested in contributing articles.

Welcome and we hope you enjoy the site as it grows and becomes a site shaped by the interests and needs of the readers.