Selecting Paint: Interior Makeovers for Less

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Painting makes BIG Changes for a Low Investment

Selecting paint. Some people love this task and think of it as fun and inspiring—not me. The wall of colour chips looks about as easy to decipher as the Da Vinci code. I am never quite sure which shade of which hue I prefer. In fact, I have been known to select paint by narrowing my choice to a handful of similar-coloured cards, covering my eyes, and pointing to one. I end up feeling limited by my selection and leave wondering if I made the right choice.

The next time you find yourself in this situation, consider that selecting paint does not have to begin with a trip to the local paint store. Colour preference is an individual choice that is largely based on personal experience. Take a cue from the objects you have in your home. Most likely, you have surrounded yourself with your preferred colour.

Listen to the Experts

Scarlet Valentine of Benjamin Moore suggests, “Start your colour palette based on the colours of something you already own and love. It may be a painting, a sculpture, or a table. If you can’t decide, choose the largest piece of furniture in the room, or the most expensive item in the room.”

You can also shop for colour in the media. Gwen Prince of General Paint says, “Flip through magazines and brochures and clip out examples of colour that you like. Do this for three months. Soon you will begin to notice commonalities in colour and be able to narrow your choice from there.”

Let Nature Inspire You

Another good place to observe colour is in the garden. Nature provides the best selection of colours that work well together. Look at plants, animals, water, and landscapes. Colours that appear together in nature generally complement each other.

Remember, a good colour choice for you is probably the colour that you gravitate toward. If you follow these suggestions and still find yourself with a colour choice to make, you can always do like me: narrow your choices to a few shades, cover your eyes, and point.