Renovations Add Value

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Form and Function

Living in a confined space can motivate a homeowner to explore furniture with multiple functions. However, sometimes space is not the challenge. The challenge is to be able to conceal an item that is used occasionally and make it blend with items that are used on a regular basis. Fewer homeowners want a dining room table that seats 12 people or a guest bed occupying their living space during the 352 days a year that it is not in use.
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Dual Function

It isn’t necessary to sacrifice style in order to achieve multi-function. An ottoman that serves double duty can look very fashionable and to the observer doesn’t wear the label, “I’m a storage bin”. A daybed can work as a couch providing extra seating and may fit better with the décor than a futon. However, when it comes to multi-purpose guest bed alternatives, nothing beats modern Murphy Beds.

Murphy Beds, first patented around 1900 in California, have come a long way. Now Murphy Beds can be made to order and can blend well with almost any décor. They are easy to convert from office-to-bed. As an office, they may have a large decorative framed piece of art above the table space, which is ample for most home offices. The wall units can combine office storage and bedroom storage,allowing the room to function both night and day. Most Murphy Beds must be secured to the wall with several screws into anchors. This does not damage the wall any more than hanging a couple of large prints, making a Murphy Bed a great option for renters.

Think Outside the Box

Tall baskets with flat lids can double as storage and end tables. Wood chairs can be designed to convert into step stools. Leather ottomans can convert into a single bed. Portable kitchen carts on wheels and designed with power sources can store small kitchen appliances where counter space is limited.

Tables that Work Twice as Hard

While shopping in Sears, a friend found a coffee table that converted into a dining room table for six, complete with chairs. The entire table and chairs folded down into a large coffee table. It was just what she needed for her condo. It enables her to entertain with a comfortable dining room table, and at the end of the evening, she can clear everything away without encountering a problem as to where to store extra furniture.

Perhaps you are not living in confined spaces, but you have rooms that are used for multiple purposes, and where multi-function furniture would be a benefit. Whether you are just starting out or downsizing, functional furniture that serves multiple uses can be a great investment and convenience.