Practical Money Saving Tips

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Practical Money Saving Tips

Eating While Traveling

Money Saving Strategies for Canadians

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Practical money saving tips can save you money on eating while traveling. Most of us never add up the total cost of food and drink during our holiday and when we get our credit card statement we end up surprised at how much we spent. If we did we might be shocked to see how much of our daily expense went to eating while traveling.

It’s though not only about the money. Eating while traveling is also about Eating Safely And Healthy. This can sometimes be a challenge.

Everyone everywhere have to eat so there will always be some outlet selling food somewhere close to you. However…it might not sell the food that you are used to nor offer the choices that you take for granted back home. Foods we are used to at home may be the most expensive. Eating locally produced food usually saves money.

If you can find a local supermarket then that’s always good and safe bet. Local outdoor markets might though offer products cheaper, as well as be more authentic shopping experience. In many countries local markets are where everything happens.

Make it Yourself

The more food you buy and prepare yourself, the less you will spend on food while traveling. Eating out is though important part of traveling and not trying some local dishes. It’s just such a shame not to try local cuisine but that doesn’t mean you need to eat in the most expensive restaurants. If you want to go to an expensive restaurant, be mindful and offset the cost by making a bagged lunch for a few of your other meals.

Pack it

Making packed lunch to take with you on excursions always makes good sense, as you don’t know when or what you can find en route and snack at popular tourist places tends to be overpriced and under quality anyway.


Re-using water bottles also makes sense as saves you money and is more economically friendly than always buying a new plastic bottle.

Even though you enjoy eating out, most of us get bored of it quickly if we are doing it every night. Cooking yourself, if that is an option, or opting for a lighter non cooked meal in between can both save you cash and make you enjoy even more your eating out on other nights.

Few practical money saving tips for eating out include:

Practical money saving tips – Outdoor diner

You can often have the same meal for much less if you opt for a lunch instead of dinner, it therefore makes good sense to eat the main meal at lunch time. Also you can save money by having breakfast later and lunch later and then having a small snack from a grocery store instead of an evening meal.

Avoid typical tourist eating places, the price usually goes up and the quality down as the number of tourists increases.

Eat where the locals do, you are likely to get the best food experience and best prices that way

Another popular and cheaper way is to look for restaurants frequented by students as they tend to be more price conscious than the business people. Also, note where seniors eat. Seniors also choose the most cost effective places to eat.

Drink what the locals drink as there can be big price difference between imported and local drinks.

You might want to share food with your travel companions, sometimes one starter or one desert can be enough for two to share. It can allow you to try more variety without over spending or over-eating. How many of us come home weighing more?

Always check the menu before deciding on a restaurant and of course make sure the menu shows the prices

Never ever order anything if you don’t know how much it costs, it’s the only way to avoid nasty surprises when the bill arrives