Painting: Cost Effective Home Updates

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If Walls Could Talk: Communicating Through Colour

What’s your favourite colour? This seems like a simple question, but when it comes time to surround yourself with a colour scheme for your home, the possibilities can be overwhelming. Although a neutral colour is versatile and safe, I have learned that a colour with personality, combined with a leap of faith, can dramatically improve the mood of a room.

My adventures in painting began when my husband and I bought our first home. Down came the previous owner’s wallpaper borders and up went the beige paint. Being young and inexperienced, we chose one shade of beige for the living room and dining room. I quickly discovered after all the walls were painted that I am not a beige person. The clean and uncluttered walls were devoid of any personality. Along with the white ceiling and beige carpet, I felt like I was living inside a Chinese takeout box.

Colors Create Mood, and Excitement

At that time the colour trend was earthy browns with black and white accents. I fell in love with the look and purchased rich chocolate brown paint to cover our living room and dining room walls. Again. As I pried off the lid and poured the paint into a tray, I was already wondering if I was making a mistake. The paint looked so brown. The beige walls looked so safe. Before I could chicken out completely, I eased the paint roller into the tray, closed my eyes, and rolled what sounded like a big mess of it onto the wall.

I must say the great swaths of dark paint looked radical and graffiti-like on the beige wall. But I was committed to finishing the job. Within a week I was living inside dark brown walls.

One of the first things I noticed was that the rooms were cozy: the southern exposure and high ceilings drank in all the sunlight and the space felt snug. The white ceiling and light carpeting contrasted with the rich brown to create an awareness of height and dimension that had been lost when the room was painted a neutral colour.

Colour is an inherently personal choice that can remind you of your childhood home, good memories, good times. I never fail to be amazed by the difference a simple coat of paint can make to the mood in a space. A neutral colour may be safe, but I highly recommend a splash of personality on your walls.