Outdoor Living: Save Money – Expand your Space

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Bring the Outside IN

These days, homeowners are opting to maximize their living space by bringing the outdoors in, and the indoors out. The movement in home décor is to create outdoor spaces that feel comfortable and luxurious and indoor spaces that feel fresh and organic.

Make your Garden part of your Home

Erasing the boundaries of home and garden is a hot trend in home design. Here on the west coast we are surrounded year-round by lush evergreens and colourful foliage. It can be so soothing to watch the elegant sway of trees in the rain while sipping on your morning coffee either inside at your kitchen table or outside on your covered patio. Inside spaces are influenced by the outdoors with combinations of organic hues that combine to create a natural-looking colour scheme.

Add Natural Elements

Additionally, wood, metal, and glass absorb and reflect light while mimicking shadow play found in forests and on mountainsides. All of these naturalistic components combine to create the feel of the natural world. Outdoor spaces incorporate elements of indoor comfort and convenience. Blend environmental and functional purpose, with useful choices like stone benches and noise-reducing water features. Throw pillows on comfortable patio furniture create an inviting space. Function and form is out, as in outside, and it is to be enjoyed.

Natural materials such as rock, wood, and metal combine to bring temperature and texture to your home. Rock that is worked into a functional feature of your home creates a statement of organic durability. Countertop is a popular candidate for stone: granite continues to be a trendy choice; slate is elegant, satin-smooth, and ultimately pleasing to the touch; concrete is a surprising yet functional choice that is durable and economical. Metals, like the very popular stainless steel, will add reflected light and movement to a space and contribute to the organic theme.

Appliances for Out Doors

Stainless steel appliances and applications can add to the continuity of the home; for example, stainless steel appliances or backsplashes in the kitchen can echo a stainless steel barbeque on the patio. Another choice metal is wrought iron: black bars with interesting bends and detail can be found inserted in wooden railings which creates an elegant barrier. Wrought iron is another feature that can be installed both inside the home and out. Cork is a sustainable choice flooring that is quite durable. Woods are available in a large variety of colours.


Hardwoods remain the popular choice with many stains and colours to choose from. Alternating dark wood with light wood will create an interesting stripe pattern on a hardwood floor. Windows add life to any room and showcase the natural world. If you have a window with a view of mountains, cityscape, or backyard greenery, a hot new trend in home renovations is to install new energy efficient windows and forego window coverings altogether!


Personalization can be achieved by creating a theme. Remember, when choosing any décor for your home, it is important to give the impression that it is your own personal oasis, both inside and out.