Make Gifts – Save Money – Personalized Gifts

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Make it Memorable and Fun

Making handmade or personalized gifts for friends and family members can be an enjoyable hobby and can often help you save money on gift giving. I think making something is so much more enjoyable and meaningful not only for the giver, but also for the recipient. Throughout the years I have made calendars, t-shirts, mouse pads, aprons, photo albums, super hero capes, and others I can’t think of right now. All in all, they have been so much fun to make and well received. Often handmade products or homemade baked goodies or preserves can warm the heart of the recipient. If you find you get bored of making the same things over and over again, I have found a great resource for anyone on the look-out for something new to try.

My most recent find is a site called They carry the best selection of photo gifts I’ve seen, including ones I’ve never seen before. My new favorites are plates, woven blankets, water bottles, playing cards, puzzles and coasters.

Check out sites like Instagram or Etsy to find ideas. Often, if you are crafty you can become inspired. I’ve seen people make plates where they draw pictures on them, but you can have any image put on these plates. With spring time coming up, and the desire to get outside, water bottles would be great to give out at a birthday party or to make for your family. Having your own personalized playing cards would be fun any time of the year. If I plan ahead for Christmas presents, I can order puzzles or blankets to give to friends, cousins or grandparents.

Personalization makes it a Keepsake

Gifts are always fun to give and fun to receive. Personalized gifts are even more fabulous when they come from someone you love. Personalized gifts are often kept longer than gifts without the additional emotional connection. Every time you use the gift you can think of that person and how much they mean to you. We live far away from most of our family, so anything I can do to help them stay connected to us is well worth the effort. If you are a fan of personalized photo gifts, check out and see if they have products you’d like to make.