Landscaping Tips: Save Money – Do it Right

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Popular Trends in Landscaping

Water Features
Blending the indoors with the outdoors
Low maintenance yards
Water permeable paving stones
Lifestyle considerations

Sustainability and Energy Conscious Landscaping

Water Features that double as a way of recycling rain water
Planting draught tolerant plants
Watering early in the day or late in the day
Watering by hand
Planting trees that generate shelter and shade to help control interior temperature in your home.
Look at long-term solutions rather than temporary solutions.

Stop – Before you Cut

Be aware of the bylaws in your municipality.
Trees on your own property may be protected by city bylaws that prevent cutting or moving trees

Stop – Before you Dig

Before you dig a hole to plant a tree or to alter landscaping be sure you have checked with BC Hydro to have the utilities lines located. Sometimes they can be closer to the surface than you may assume.
Before you change the grade of your property, ensure that you consult an expert. Grade is important to the drainage of not only your property but also the effect on the neighboring properties.

Municipal Programs

Be aware of the programs in your area for recycling or disposal of landscaping debris
Check to see if your municipality has a rain barrel program.

Trees: The Investment that Grows

Trees deserve more attention than they receive. While we may enjoy the blossoms of a cherry tree in spring, or the changing foliage of a tree in the fall, trees offer more than visual appeal. Trees can more

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