Kitchen Reno: Cost Effective – Do it Right

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It’s More Than a Feeling: The Kitchen Revolution, By Design

Today’s kitchen is a far cry from the uni-functional cooking/eating space it was when I was young, and an even farther cry from my Grandma’s traditional kitchen of the early 20th century. Kitchens are now expected to serve more multi-functional purposes than simply as a place to cook food. Relaxing— not working— in the kitchen is the key.

Kitchens the Heart of the Home

Entertaining, as well as impromptu chats and family meetings are naturally stimulated while relaxing in the kitchen. In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t want to feel like they are working in their own home, and they definitely don’t want to feel like they are working in the kitchen. Lee Stergios from Innova Kitchens and Baths says, “People don’t want to be off in the kitchen while everyone else is having a good time. The kitchen has become more of the family room than the family room is.” Allison Eden Andrews, a local Vancouver artist, sees the kitchen as the new hot spot in town where friends come together. “People are cooking together more often. Going to a club is not that interesting anymore. People would rather spend their twenty dollars on a bottle of wine.”

Living Space for Family and Friends

Kitchens that blend with the rest of the living space are where the new face of the kitchen is apparent. Liz Stevenson of Stevenson Design Works says, “Stainless steel appliances have become an architectural detail of the home, and cabinetry is more like furniture.” Popular trends in kitchen design include kitchen islands and built-in lower cabinets designed with feet and faux antiquing for a distressed furniture look. Kitchen cupboards are also designed to mimic furniture: doors with wood inlay, interesting routing detail, glass fronts, and fancy pulls. Crown moldings adorn the tops of wall cabinetry, emphasizing the it’s-not-cabinetry-it’s-furniture illusion. This blending of the kitchen with the rest of the home is completed with carefully selected finishes, detailing, and appliances that complement the larger feel of your home.

Function and Style

While function is obviously important in the kitchen, it seems that the overall look of the space now takes precedent. Luxurious products and finishes are pouring into the city just as fast as they can be installed into homeowners’ dream kitchens. The sheer volume of these products creates relative affordability once reserved only for the wealthy. Increasingly, the kitchen of today is an impressive feat in merged function and beauty. There is an endless parade of features and fixtures to choose from, and with some clever design, just about any conceptual kitchen can become reality. *