Decorating Tips: Save Money – Do it Right

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Creating Fabulous Effects while Avoiding Costly Errors

How do you know when to engage an interior decorator? Ask yourself these questions: Are you having trouble deciding on how to create a harmonious look in your space? Are you moving into a new home? Have you recently blended a family or inherited some furniture? Have you had the same look in your home for the past decade and are considering how to refresh the feel of your home? If you answer yes to any of the above, an interior decorator can help.

Avoid Decorating Mistakes

According to Karen Blunderfield of Arlene’s Interiors, common home decorating mistakes are to either make lots of small decisions that cannot be  merged together on a bigger scale, or to play it safe in their choices. “People are busy building their careers and relationships. When it comes to decorating, most people don’t know where to start.” Decorating in small spurts can lead to an unconnected feeling in the home. Decorating using too many safe choices, can create spaces without personality.

Interior decorators work with the soft treatments in the home, combine function with feeling, and help create an overall decorating layout. Soft treatments include draperies, bedding, upholstery, cushions, tablecloths, and chair pads. Interior decorators assist in creating a colour scheme and they will help to ensure your soft treatments are installed properly. Experts in the area of interior decorating help homeowners to create a desired affect of soft treatments in a space while avoiding costly errors.

Make Wise Choices

Decorating your interior space will take some time and considerable decision-making. But, remember that interior decorators are professionals who are well aware of the emotional connection people have with their homes. First, an interior decorator will meet with his or her clients, and proceed to get to know the decorating needs and wants of each individual client. Next come negotiations with the client, based on the needs and wishes of all members of the household. “We merge partner’s styles together, as well as other family members in the household, in an effort to find the stylistic middle ground.” Finally, a “needs analysis” is done on the space in relation to the entire household’s needs and wants, and again of the client. Interior decorators consider all aspects from personal lifestyle to the quality of light in a room.

When you are ready to consult an interior decorator, consider the following suggestions from Arlene’s Interiors: Bring photographs and clippings of looks that you like, browse the interior decorator’s showroom for ideas and to see what’s available. And have fun.