4 FREE Home Improvement Projects

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Here you are, it is winter, the wind is blowing and there is no  better time to enjoy your home. You curl up by the fireplace and read a book. When suddenly you look around and wish your home was different. You aren’t sure where to start, you just want a change.

There is no time like the winter time for planning for future home improvement projects. However, projects vary greatly in price, commitment necessary and longevity.  Some projects are quick and make a big difference in your homes comfort. Let’s look at a few great projects that are great for the winter. Some of these require little or no investment, others require more time and money.


Unaddressed, the accumulation of no longer used items, and “useful some day stuff” can take over your home.  Soon clutter takes control of your home. Taking your home back, and donating or disposing of accumulated clutter is very liberating.

Start with one room and be brutal. Sort three ways: 1) put away 2) donate 3) dispose or take for recycling.  Use your creativity and convert sentimental items into a collage or work of art and display them.  After all, what good are sentimental items hid away in a box in the basement?

Finish this project by organizing the items you intend to keep.

Rearranging Furniture

Rearranging your furniture is a cheap facelift. Bring a few accessories from one room into another for a fresh look. Crafty? Make a few pillows or cushions by recycling materials in our closet..
Whether it is on a bed or on a sofa, a few extra cushions or pillows gives the feel of luxury and comfort.

UPGRADE Light Fixtures

Winter days can be long and dark. Upgrading lighting can be a treat to your eyes and your mood. Light fixtures can change the look of a home quickly.

It can be an opportunity to try some energy efficient CFL light bulbs.

Plan Ahead

Winter is the best time for planning ahead for your spring and summer home improvement projects. Sit down, make lists and prioritize the things you would like to accomplish when the weather is better. It costs nothing and you will have all winter to decide what you want to accomplish and make a plan for seeing it through.

Winter can be fun, and easy on the budget.